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What do I get? How do I get my pictures?

Within three days of the studio session the pictures will be available on a password protected web site. You (or friends and family, if you invite them) will be able to buy prints from there. This service is included in the Session Fee.

You can also purchase a CD with a copy of all the pictures. You can then print them out yourself, or have them printed out by a fast-photo outfit. You can also use them for web sites, Facebook, or other forms of electronic publication.

Finally, if you wish, you can schedule a proofing session with us. We recommend this in particular if you are looking for very large prints, canvas or other fine arts prints, calendars, print multiples, black and white prints, or special treatments such as borders, vignetting, and other Photoshop work. There is no charge for the proofing session and you are not under any obligation to buy.

What should I wear?

 In general (and if that’s consistent with the intent of the shoot) you should wear simple, timeless clothing. Go for solid, neutral, coordinated colors. Avoid large patterns or stripes, small crisscross patterns, tweed, herringbone, bright colors, and anything that will look dated in a few years. Don’t mix formal and informal clothing. Consider denim jeans with a conservative cut as a good all-rounder. Depending on the type of portrait you are looking for, aim for high key (white and light colors) or low key (black and dark colors). If in doubt, ask.

What about Copyright?

We retain copyright in all pictures. You may use prints and digital files you purchase in any way. We ask that you sign a Model Release to cover use in our portfolio, advertising, and so on.

What is your refund policy?

We want you to be 100% satisfied. If, for any reason, you are not happy with the pictures, we will exchange them for a different pose, reprint them, or issue a refund for returned portraits. If you are unhappy with the session we will reshoot or issue a full refund for the session fee, whichever you prefer.